You want to show him what is in your heart and help him to see how much you love him.  Our huge collection of love poems for him from the heart will help you do just that.  Here you will find all sorts of poems about love for him: short love poems for him, funny love poems for him, cute love poems for him and romantic love poems for him.  It can be difficult to truly express our feelings.  Fortunately, many poets have already tried this so many times leaving behind a treasure trove of poems about love for him.  We are sure you will find the best love poems for him that will capture what is in your heart perfectly.


Short Love Poems for Him


  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    You’ll never lose me, for I am (insert his name here) glue!
  • I love you for the man you were,
    I love you for who you are today,
    And because I love you for who you are,
    I’ll love the man you’ll become some day.
  • Days will pass and time goes by,
    The years roll on, the ages will fly.
    Life will speed past, and the decades will flow,
    The hours will rush on, the minutes will never slow.
    The world will change and we will grow old,
    Yet through it all our love will remain gold.
  • I longed, I searched, I looked, I yearned,
    I hunted, I craved, I wished, I burned.
    Then you came along and everything was new,
    And now I long, search, look, yearn, hunt, crave, wish and burn only for you.

  • Never have I found a man like you,
    Someone who looks at me the way that you do.
    You’re not like the others, you are one of a kind,
    Our hearts and our souls are perfectly aligned.
    And no matter who comes trying to take your place,
    Never you fear, for only you will I embrace.
  • My dear love, you are my man,
    Whatever you need, I’ll do what I can.
    I know that everything that you do,
    Is for the betterment of me and you.
    And we are a team, just you and I,
    So, tell me your needs and I will try.
  • To the universe you may be one person,
    But to one person you are the universe.
    You are my life, my everything, my world,
    I’ll love you for better or worse.
  • Do you know how much I love you?
    Do you know how deeply I care?
    Do you know how strongly I crave you?
    I need you more than air!


  • I miss you today so very much,
    I long to hold you and feel your touch.
    Please come back to me as soon as you can,
    Because you are my one and only man.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    You’re the only man for me,
    And I’m the only one for you.
  • I gaze at the stars so high in the sky,
    Yet one burns brighter it’s true.
    And that one I can’t stop staring at,
    For that one, my love, is you!
  • There is no man like you,
    In all of my life.
    And if you will let me dear,
    I wish to be your wife.
  • I once was sad and full of regret,
    My heart was shattered on the floor.
    Then you came along and picked up the pieces,
    And showed me love like never before.
    You removed the dark shadows around me,
    And you chased away the pain,
    You perfectly mended my spirit,
    And you taught me how to be happy again.

  • Without you I’m nothing,
    With you I’m something,
    Together we are everything.
  • Meeting you was fate,
    Becoming your friend was natural,
    Falling in love with you was beyond my control.
  • When you hold me in your arms so very tight,
    All my problems disappear and I feel so light.
    The universe pauses, the angels stop and stare,
    The sun brightens, the smell of flowers fills the air.
    The trees hold their breath, the birds sing with delight,
    This is what happens when you hold me tight.
  • Hey there handsome,
    I haven’t seen you around.
    I’m guessing they’re expecting you,
    In heaven’s lost and found.
    For you must be an angel,
    As I have never seen,
    Someone so stunning,
    So, please make me your queen!
  • You take my breath away and leave me in awe,
    I struggle and strain to explain your perfection,
    For you are like nothing I ever saw.
    The world can never understand the feelings in my heart,
    I will forever seek to show you my love,
    Until the day one of us must depart.
  • I wanted to say how much I love you,
    And how deeply I care,
    But words will never fully convey,
    What I really want to share.
    So I hope you can look into my heart,
    And down in to my soul.
    And there you will see my love for you,
    And how you make me whole.
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love poems for him

Funny Love Poems for Him


  • The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout,
    In walked my love and the spider tried to shout.
    For the spider knew he was here to rescue his dear,
    And suddenly the spider was overcome with fear.
    I pointed to the spider standing frozen on the spout,
    My brave man towered over it with such massive clout.
    And squash went the spider as the newspaper came down,
    My man saved me from the spider and a smile replaced my frown.
  • How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
    But make sure you read this with a hip-hop beat to every phrase.
    You are frickin’ awesome and totally rock,
    Your smile, your kiss and the way that you walk.
    You hypnotize me and completely make me gaga,
    You’re up for anything and have so much chutzpah.
    Your cooler than a cheetah, slicker than an oil spill,
    Smoother than a baby’s butt, hotter than a grill.
    You’ve got so much style, fashion and grace,
    You chill out like ice at a cool and calm pace.
    Your mind is like a laser, your eyes like crystal,
    Your gaze is more penetrating than a bullet from a pistol.
    You seem like a dream, yet you’re here when I’m awake,
    You give me more love than I can possibly take.
    A man like you doesn’t come around too often,
    And that’s why I made for you this kick @$$ poem!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    You’re a man, I’m a woman,
    You know what to do!
  • Roses are red and violets are blue,
    This is a great love poem,
    Just trust me, it’s true!
  • Please don’t worry and please don’t fear,
    But I just returned from the doctor and he made something clear.
    He told me that I am completely addicted to you,
    And that I need to widen my world beyond us two.
    I told him he’s a quack and I smacked him across his face,
    I told him you’re my life and that he’s got no place,
    To say such a thing to me about being obsessed with you,
    For this is something that I have so very long knew,
    And how dare he charge me such a high bill,
    I got all riled up and it was so hard for me to chill.
    Then I torched his office and burned it to the ground,
    And collected the ashes and scattered them all around.
    But he ran after me and said I misunderstood,
    And that his meaning was that our love was so good.
    And he’d hoped we’d be an example for all to follow,
    I gulped and gasped and struggled to swallow.
    He wanted us to show off our love for all to see,
    So that other couples may also live so happily.
    I felt so bad and wrote him a check as a remedy,
    But don’t worry I post-dated it for 2080!
  • I made a mistake, I hope you will agree,
    That we all make blunders, even you and me.
    And I promise I’ll never do that again,
    It was simply a glitch in my brain.
    I know I hurt you and you were not pleased,
    But if you’ll forgive me, my pain will be eased.
    And now you can see I’m not always perfect,
    So perhaps you won’t feel the need to be so strict.
    And despite my flaws and the error of my ways,
    I want to be your woman for all of my days.
    So please give me a kiss and hold me tight,
    And tell me you love me with all of your might.
    Let me be safe again deep in your heart,
    Forgive and forget, let’s make a new start.
    And now that everything is back as before,
    I should be honest and tell you a bit more.
    I made some more mistakes, but never you fear,
    I can always re-read this poem to you my dear!
  • The day we met, I knew for sure,
    That you were the man for me.
    I felt a feeling deep inside,
    I’m sure it wasn’t cuz I had to pee.
    Butterflies were fluttering in my chest,
    And my fingers tingled too,
    My stomach turned over and over,
    But I doubt it’s cuz I had to poo.
    I’m sorry if you think this is gross,
    I just want to make sure you know,
    That the feelings I had were just my heart,
    And not my stomach trying to flow.
    So please forgive me being so crass,
    But your love just does that to me,
    Right now I feel your love warming my soul,
    Oh wait, I really do have to pee!
  • I tried all day and night,
    To write love poems for you,
    But I couldn’t make them rhyme,
    So I guess this’ll have to do.
    I’m sorry that I have no words,
    That sound loving and sweet,
    Instead you’ll just have to await,
    The next time that we meet.
    But know that I tried ever so hard,
    And worked on this till I sweat,
    Yet I’m just not that good with words,
    I’m sorry, but I’m just no poet.
  • Thank you for asking me to be your wife,
    I will be devoted to you all of my life.
    You filled me with joy when you got on one knee.
    By the way, marriage comes with a shopping spree!
  • I miss you each and every day,
    I gaze all night at the moon.
    I see your face everywhere I look,
    Please come home to me soon.
    Life without you is sad and lonely,
    I roam and float aimless,
    I feel empty and incomplete,
    Without you I am nameless.
    But until the day that you return,
    I will try to find things to do,
    But I’d be much better able to pass the time,
    If I had a wad of cash to blow through!
  • People say that roses are red, but I’ve seen pink and white ones too.
    So can I truly trust the things that I hear? Are violets really blue?
    I could’ve sworn violet was purple, am I being tricked and deceived?
    Who should I trust and what should I do, with all the things I believed?
    I feel so confused about all of this now, thank goodness I have you,
    You’re the person that I can trust and know will always be true.
    Now wait a minute, I had something planned, there was something I was going to do…
    Oh I remember..a love poem. Here it goes: Roses are red and violets are blue…
  • How did you come to be such an amazing man?
    Never have I seen someone do all that you can.
    I gaze at you and drop my jaw,
    You leave me stunned, staring in awe.
    You are the ideal man for any woman,
    You’re such a pro at making me grin.
    Everything you do is so right for me,
    You are exactly my perfect cup of tea.
    Now I suppose I must give credit where it is due,
    And remind myself how well I did when I re-trained you!
  • I went looking for love poems for him,
    Who is him you might ask,
    Why whoever you are listening to this poem,
    Is the one in whose love I bask!
  • I heard you wanted to write me a poem,
    I’m still waiting to hear it from you.
    Not sure what’s taking you so long,
    I through this together in a minute or two!
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Cute Love Poems for Him


  • If kisses were raindrop, I would bring a hurricane,
    If hugs were seedlings, I would give you fields of grain.
    If smiles were petals, I would give you a garden of flowers,
    And if love were moments, I would give you hours and hours.
  • Snuggles, giggles, cuddles and wiggles,
    Our life together is like feathery tickles.
    I chuckle and bubble and snap and sprout,
    We float and we fizzle and waddle about.
    Our love is bouncy and boings and flops,
    As we slip and slide through jiggling pops.
    Hugs and smooches are slathered around,
    And fluffy pink peaches float to the ground.
    Baby balloons and blissful butterflies too,
    This is the only way I can describe me and you!
  • I love it when you stare at me, I love it when you gaze,
    I love it when you reach for me, I love you always.
    I long for you to hold me tight, I long to feel your touch,
    I long to fall into your arms, I long for you so much.
    I want to hear your heart beat, I want to feel your breath,
    I want to embrace you, I want to hold you to my chest.
    I need to smell your scent, I need to see your face,
    I need to sense your presence, I need your warm embrace.
    I crave for you to hold my hand, I crave your happy smile,
    I crave our time together, I crave you all the while.
    I just want to have you here with me all of the time,
    For you are the greatest man and I need you to be mine.

poems about love for him

  • I wanted to buy you a gift,
    That you would enjoy forever more,
    So I looked and hunted and searched,
    And went from store to store.
    But nothing I found was good enough,
    To serve as a present for you,
    For you are wonderfully perfect,
    And nothing I saw would do.
    So I thought and thought so long,
    I contemplated for hours on end,
    And then I realized the ideal present,
    Was to give you ME as your girlfriend!
  • When you smile and wrinkle your nose, my heart melts and I feel giddy.
    The slightest movement of your lips, gives me shivers up my spine.
    I cannot help but giggle so silly, you give me bubbles of joy,
    They float their way up from my heart, and pop up as fits of laughter.
    I long to see your smile, it’s the thing I live to see,
    Something about each cute little wrinkle, it all seems to fit so perfectly.
    What is it with your hair that charms me so much?
    How is it that it seems to flow so smoother than all others?
    And there’s something in your eyes that I’ve never seen, it’s as if you’ve always known me and I lived in you before.
    If I see another person move the way you do, for some reason it just isn’t as magical.
    You emit a cuteness and warmth that doesn’t exist anywhere, I’d know your smell anywhere.
    In the darkness I could find you, and I could pick you out of a crowd.
    My eyes can’t help but follow you, I am hypnotized by your flow.
    You walk and move as if to music, and I cannot help but sing.
    I often wonder how I can make you happy, for I just long to see you smile.
    You laughter hugs my soul, and replenishes my heart.
    My brain simply cannot process you, it wonders how you can exist.
    You don’t make sense, you defy all laws I know, you’re beyond all logic to me.
    How could one person be so different from everyone else around.
    And, yet, the most mind-boggling of all, is that I am the one who sees this.
    My jaw drops when I see people pass you and not realize who you are.
    They have so casually walked past the Earth’s most precious angel.
    You are to me perfection, the pinnacle of creation,
    And I am the luckiest soul to be granted a front row.
  • I hope you like this love poem I wrote,
    Please forgive me if it doesn’t really rhyme.
    I’m trying my best to write for you,
    But cute love poems take some time!
    So forgive me if this isn’t so smooth,
    And the flow of it is a bit rough,
    And I’m sorry if there’s no imagery,
    Please pardon all of this fluff.
    But know that my intention is right,
    And I just want to make you feel great,
    I love you so very much, my dear,
    In other words, you’re my soul mate.
  • I fell in love with you, and I don’t really know how,
    I’m not sure what happened, but I will declare this vow.
    You are my knight in shining armor, the one who saved my life,
    And all I care from here on out is that I be your wife.
  • Do you know how cute you are?
    I want to nibble on your nose.
    You make me do some weird things,
    Like tickling your toes.
    But I can’t help but try,
    To grab and reach for you,
    For you’re the most adorable thing,
    That I ever knew.
  • What is it that makes me want to squeeze you?
    Why am I compelled to hold you tightly to my chest?
    What is it that makes my eyes follow you around the room?
    How is it that everything you do seems so much more magical than everyone else?
    What is it in your laugh and smile that makes my heart bubble with delight?
    How will I ever be able to explain how it feels when you touch my skin?
    Were you given some elixir designed to make me obsessed with you?
    How is it that I am certain I love you, yet cannot wrap my brain around you?
    Why are you such an enigma, wrapped in a riddle…but in a good way?
    I know that I will never have all the answers to these questions,
    But it matters not, nor do I need them.
    Because it is the adventure, the exploration of you that I adore.
  • You warm my heart, you restore my soul,
    You’re everything to me, and you make me whole.
    You’re the reason behind all that I do,
    Please believe me and know that this is all true.
    I exist in this world only as your other half,
    You always make me happy, smile and laugh.
    How could I ever ask for anything more?
    You are my world, and all that I live for.
  • It’s the little moments that I spend with you,
    That make my life so beautiful.
    Holding your hand and laying down beside you,
    Walking together and sitting just us two.
    I don’t need grand gestures or great presents,
    For simply kissing your lips is incredibly intense.
  • If I could give only one thing to you,
    I would grant you the ability to see as I do,
    To see yourself through my own eyes,
    So that you could finally realize,
    How special you truly are to me,
    And understand the beauty I see.
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Romantic Love Poems for Him


  • You don’t have to be perfect,
    Just please hold me tight.
    You don’t need to solve every problem,
    Just tell me everything’ll be all right.
    You don’t have to buy me flowers,
    Just let me be with you for hours.
    And there’s no need to do anything,
    But be my man and be my king.
  • On the day we first kissed, my life began anew,
    My soul jumped and sang, for my heart knew what would ensue,
    That you were the other half I was always waiting for,
    That you were the missing piece that I was made to adore.
    All the lonely nights and confused and hazy days,
    Mattered no longer for my spirit was finally set ablaze.
    Fiery love and passion was ignited like never before,
    And my lack and pain and incompleteness were to be no more.
    And as your hands squeezed tightly onto my goosebumped skin,
    I could not help but radiate a knowing and giddy grin.
    For in that moment I remembered something my soul always knew,
    That you were destined to find me, and that I was made for you.
  • I will be the woman that you need me to be,
    You are the lock and I will be your key.
    I shall always fit you just right,
    I will be the wings when you take flight.
    Your dreams will be my focus too,
    You are the reason for all I do.
    I cannot help but do otherwise,
    For you fit me like the perfect size.
    I devote my soul to you forever,
    And I will support each endeavor.
    I just long to make you happy and whole,
    For I am yours and you’re my soul
  • I miss you when you’re gone, it makes me go so crazy,
    I get all sad and upset, I feel woozy and a bit hazy.
    The clouds seem to follow me, and darken my days,
    I feel all confused, it’s like I’m lost in a maze.
    Just waiting for the day when you come back to me,
    I float and drift about like a ship lost at sea.
    I cannot fall asleep and nothing feels quite right,
    I try to hug my pillow, but it won’t hold me tight.
    I want to occupy my mind and keep myself busy,
    But I cannot find my balance and get too dizzy.
    For you are the rock on which I stand upright,
    And me without you is like the sun without light.
    So please my darling love come back to me soon,
    For until that day I’ll be a song without a tune.
  • Strong and firm, you stand unmoving,
    Courage seeps out from your skin, eyes sharp and bright.
    What secrets do you let linger on within your soul?
    And will you let me know them?
    When will I enter into the deepest part of your heart?
    So hidden and far, the end of a long maze,
    I understand not who you are, but I am drawn by your mystery.
    I want nothing more than to know everything about you.
    And yet, I quiver at your touch and cannot speak.
    From a distance I plan what to say and have conviction,
    Yet when you approach I feel my will weaken and soften.
    I cannot breathe deeply, for my heart is moving too fast,
    Struggling and rebelling my nature takes over,
    My brain melts into a puddle on the floor.
    And then your skin connects with mine so slightly,
    All is now lost, for I am now under your spell.
    I dare not look into your eyes, for they will make me captive.
    Yet I know I cannot resist and, involuntarily, my eyes meet yours,
    As our eyes meet, it is like two magnets locked in.
    And all resistance fades, I give in.
    It is the sweetest surrender I know.
    I dissolve into you, I liquefy, and we merge.
    In those moments, your heart has slayed my brain,
    I am yours forever and always, everlastingly dwelling safely within your depths.

love poems for him from the heart

  • I still remember the day we met, the day you came into my life,
    I knew from the very beginning that I was made to be your wife.
    My world flipped around and all I knew went out the door.
    The torrent of my soul poured out like I never knew before.
    I felt at once great love and fear, a mix I’d never felt,
    For it was all so powerful, as if my soul might melt.
    I wanted to shout and sing though I couldn’t move at all,
    I could not help but heed your alluring siren’s call.
    Before that moment I thought I knew a love that was true,
    But now I felt something new as one soul merged from two.
    Two puzzle pieces made only for each other, it always was the plan,
    For you and me to fit together, you were destined to be my man.
  • The touch of your lips and the tingling of your touch,
    They melt me inside and make me long for more.
    You have magic in your fingers, which makes me lose all willpower,
    I am a puppet and my strings are pulled by your eyes, smile and touch.
    How could any one man have so much allure, so much mysterious magnetism?
    Your eyes see through my own and down deep past my heart into my soul.
    You seem to move in a more fluid way than all others,
    As if your movement was made perfectly to delight my eyes and senses.
    You hypnotize me without trying, I cannot help but be enslaved to your heart.
    I wish to control myself and stay calm, but I cannot resist your charming calls.
    You were created to give me joy greater than any other.
    I need no entertainment, for I have you, need no excitement, for you are all I can take.
    Helpless, I shall follow, led by some invisible force within only you.
    I was made for you.
    This alone I know for certain, all else is unsure.
    I rest entirely upon you, you are my foundation, my rock.
    Without you is chaos and a darkness so deep.
    I am eternally in love with you, and forever afraid.
    For your love is the greatest thing in my universe,
    And if I lost it, there would no longer be me.
    And though it is so terrifying, the thought of ever losing you.,
    I know no other way but to adore you and celebrate your existence in my world.
  • I miss you when you’re sleeping, I am happy when you’re awake.
    I want to find you when you’re gone, your return vanishes all heartache.
    Me without you is like an echo without sound.
    Your absence makes me lost, your presence makes me found.
    Without you I have darkness, not even a bit of light,
    And when you come to see me, I am bathed by you so bright.
    Alone I am empty, incomplete like a lone puzzle piece,
    The moment I sense you near, all pain and struggle cease.
    When life gets overwhelming and fills with difficulties,
    I simply look at you and smile, and feel a sense of ease.
    I am grateful to you forever, for beautifying my world,
    Now, forever and always, I promise to be your girl.
  • I promise to be your strength, whenever you are weak.
    I promise to be your voice, when you cannot speak.
    I promise to be your legs, for when you cannot stand,
    And I promise to be your eyes, when you go to dreamland.
  • I cling to you,
    I am attached and cannot escape your grip,
    I am in your clutches.
    Yet that is exactly where I wish to be.
    I would rather be addicted to your touch,
    Than live a day without it.
    You are my medicine, you heal me,
    Replenish and refresh my soul.
    And it matters not what you do or say,
    For nothing can change how I obsess over you.
    You are the center of my world,
    You are all that I can see, or want to see,
    I am happily glued to you.
    And if the universe around me should crash and crumble,
    I may not notice a thing at all,
    For I care not for what it all around,
    Except for you.
    For you are my universe.
    And though I know that someday we will part,
    I fear not that day, for I know that right now,
    I have everything I need.
    You are a gift, and though I will someday lose you,
    That is precisely what makes you so precious.
  • Your face is like a painting to me, I have each stroke memorized.
    I see the details so richly, when I close my eyes.
    The shape of your lips, compels me to come near,
    The glimmer in your eyes vanishes all my fear.
    Your cheeks show laughter and smiles and remind of all our good times.
    And when you smile my heart will melt and I am drawn in from the lines,
    At the corners of your eyes, shooting outwards like beams of light.
    The way your hair falls naturally, it’s always just right.
    Your chin, so defined, rugged and firm, as sandpaper on my finger,
    I cannot help but get lost in your face, trapped in you I shall linger.
  • I look out the window, waiting for your return,
    I busy myself, trying to think about how much I yearn,
    For you to come back to me and for my life to again be joy,
    I just cannot believe that I’m your girl and you’re my boy.
    Why is it that I can only think about you, your touch, your love?
    Why so you seem to be made for me, and fit me like a glove?
    I have dreams and plans and hopes for our life,
    You are my devoted husband and I your loyal wife.
    And always will my heart linger on in sacred love of you,
    The greatest decision I’ll ever make is saying to you, “I do.”
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