Make her heart melt at your words and show her how much you care with love poems for her.  Here you will find the largest collection and the best love poems for her.  It can often be hard to express to a woman how you feel.  Poems about love for her are a great way to let her know how you feel and show her how important she is to you.  Of course, it can be hard to compose poetry ourselves, but you don’t need to because this collection of poems about love for her is so enormous that you will find many beautiful love poems for her that will perfectly express what you want to say.  There are many ways to show a woman how much you care, but love poems have stood the test of time and shown us that if women love anything, it’s love poems!  Here you will find short love poems for her, cute love poems for herromantic love poems for her and long love poems for her.  We are certain you’ll find the best love poems for her that will make her hear melt for you!

You may also enjoy searching for some words that are positive, such as these positive words that start with R.

Short Love Poems for Her


  • You gave me sunshine, when I had only rain,
    You brought me happiness, when I only knew pain.
    You gave me light, when darkness filled my world,
    You beautified my life, when you became my girl.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    I’ll be with you forever, for I am (insert her name here) glue!
  • I promise to love you, from now till forever,
    And when all else vanishes, I will never.
  • I want to hold you in my arms,
    So you can feel my heart beat.
    I will embrace you so deeply,
    That our two souls shall meet.
    I want to kiss you so sweetly,
    That your lips warmly melt,
    For being with you, my love,
    Is the best feeling I ever felt.
  • If only I could tell you how beautiful you are,
    But my tongue gets tied, the right words are just too far.
    And if a million poets tried for centuries on end,
    They’d describe but a fraction of the beauty of my girlfriend.
  • There is nothing I’d rather have,
    Than you beside me right here,
    And the moment that you return to me,
    I’ll be yours forever, my dear.

  • Roses are, like, red and stuff,
    Violets are, you know, blue.
    I’m not super awesome with words,
    But, whatever, I totally love you.
  • Dreams better than I could imagine,
    You completely fulfill,
    So I have a question for you,
    And I hope you say, “I will”.
  • I miss you so deeply, I am lost without you,
    When you are not with me, I don’t know what to do.
  • I have never seen,
    A woman more breathtaking than you,
    The beauty you have inside and out,
    Is something I never before knew.
  • I loved you so much yesterday,
    And I love you still,
    I was made to love you,
    And I always will.
  • I long to be by your side, my heart aches for your touch,
    Now I guess I know what it means to love someone so much.
  • You are my queen,
    And I’ll serve you with all of my heart,
    I’ll worship you forever,
    We shall never be apart.
  • My heart’s fondest desires, you so perfectly fulfill,
    I love you with every cell in my body, and I always will.
  • You are my world, my center, my life,
    And if you will have me, I hope you’ll be my wife!
  • I fell in love with you yesterday,
    And I love you so much more today,
    I can only imagine,
    How much more I will love you tomorrow.
  • So long did I dream of the perfect girl,
    And now I realize it’s you,
    But you’re so much more than I imagined,
    Thanks for making my dreams come true!
  • I was once asked what my dreams were to be,
    And now I have an answer: to have you here beside me!
  • The best decision I ever made,
    Was to let my soul discover you.
    For always knew I was made for someone,
    And now I know who!

  • I long to have you next to me now,
    Please quickly return to me here,
    For I am incomplete when you are gone,
    You are my angel, my love, my dear.
  • Before I found you I was a lonely one,
    Now with you, two is so much more fun,
    So I’ve got an idea, I hope you’ll agree,
    How ’bout if we two, make a baby, and become three?
  • You are the light of my life,
    You’re the center of my world,
    You’re my all, you’re my everything,
    You’re my one and only girl.
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Cute Love Poems for Her


  • I may not be able to give you the world,
    But I’ll grab for you whatever I can,
    And I might not be able to do everything you ask,
    But I will try more than any other man.
    Perhaps I won’t live up to all of your hopes,
    But I will strive with all of my might,
    And maybe sometimes I will stumble and fall,
    But I will always fix it and make everything all right.
    I will make some mistakes along the way,
    Perhaps I’ll even make you cry.
    And maybe I won’t be able to give you all of your dreams,
    But, I promise, I’ll be the first one in line to try.
  • How deep is my love?
    You asked me before,
    It’s deeper than the bottom of the sea,
    So far from the shore.
    How strong do I love you?
    You inquire of me,
    Stronger than diamonds,
    I promise to thee.
    How brightly does our flame burn?
    You may wish to know,
    Like the core of the sun,
    And it continues to grow.
    How beautiful am I?
    You often request,
    This is an easy one,
    Your prettier than all the rest.
    Will I follow you forever?
    You say with eager eyes,
    You are my comet and I am your tail,
    Eternally pursuing, for I know not otherwise.
  • Hey there gorgeous,
    Haven’t seen you around.
    I’m guessing they’re looking for you,
    In heaven’s lost and found.
    For you’ve got to be an angel,
    The world’s most precious thing,
    Someone so stunning,
    Please make me your king!
  • Hey there cutie, I think you’ve got a cute…tush.
    Hey there hottie, my God you’ve got such a great…figure.
    Hey there honey, you are cuter than a cotton-tailed…deer.
    Hey there sunshine, you intoxicate me like…tequila.
    Hey there darling, you make me wanna shout and…smile.
    Hey there baby, I’ll forever answer…yes.
    Hey there peach, I’d love to see what you wear at the…office.
    Hey there sweetheart, you gave me a fresh new…beginning.
    Hey there love, you must be an angel from…heaven.
    I’m sorry, my dear, that these don’t rhyme,
    But it’s really hard to find the perfect word each time!
  • I searched for cute love poems for her,
    And Googled sweet love poems for you,
    And luckily I found this poem right here,
    That utterly captures my heart so true.
    For I’d seek, probe and explore,
    And hunt all day and night,
    Just to find the perfect words,
    That would express my love just right.
    So I hope you’re ready right now,
    To receive a message from my soul,
    What more can I say to you than,
    I love you, thanks for making me whole.
  • The apple of my eye,
    The jewel of my heart,
    The center of my spirit,
    We shall never be apart.
    The cherry on my sundae,
    The stars of my night,
    The light of my day,
    You make everything all right.
    The great joy of my life,
    The pulse of my heartbeat,
    My dear lady,
    You make my life complete.
  • I fell deeply in love, the first time I saw you.
    And in that moment, there was nothing I could do.
    I was smitten and hooked by your lovely charm,
    And knew that I’d spend my life with you arm in arm.
    I saw stars dancing about you and twinkling so bright,
    You seemed to have angel wings ready to take flight.
    The world seemed brighter and my spirit felt free,
    In that beautiful moment when you first smiled at me.
    Something shifted inside of me, my life began anew,
    And I knew then and there I was made just for you.
  • Today I went searching for love poems for her,
    And after reading them all I still was unsure,
    How I’d ever explain how much I love you,
    And what words I could use, I hadn’t a clue.
    For you see, my dear, you mean the world to me,
    And how can a person describe the best thing they see?
    You amaze me, you fascinate me, you leave me in awe,
    So how could I find love poems that haven’t a flaw?
    For to describe something perfect like the love I have for you,
    Would take millions of tries, till my face turned so blue.
    So I hope that you’ll be happy with this poem right here,
    For no words can fully capture how much I love you, my dear.
  • Why is it that I can’t help but kiss your nose?
    I love it when you crinkle it in seriousness.
    And how can I not nibble on your adorable ears?
    Your cheeks beg for my lips to kiss them gently.
    Your eyes sparkle and shine straight into my soul,
    Illuminating it with the warmth of your heart.
    How is it that your touch feels unlike any other?
    Your skin has a magnetism, from which I cannot resist.
    And your mind, your crown jewel, that which makes you who you are,
    Is nothing short of magical and breathtaking.
    You stimulate me, excite me, amaze me, enthrall me.
    You were made for me, as two puzzle pieces destined to fit just right.
    And I sigh, and say thank you to the universe,
    For you, it’s most perfect creation.
  • Snuggles, giggles, cuddles and wiggles,
    Our life together is like feathery tickles.
    I chuckle and bubble and snap and sprout,
    We float and we fizzle and waddle about.
    Our love is bouncy and boings and flops,
    As we slip and slide through jiggling pops.
    Hugs and smooches are slathered around,
    And fluffy pink peaches float to the ground.
    Baby balloons and blissful butterflies too,
    This is the only way I can describe me and you!
  • Honey, if you’ll please recall,
    The day we met I was not smooth at all,
    So please give me another chance right now,
    To hit on you again and make you say wow!
    I need a map because I’m lost in your eyes,
    I must have won a contest and you must be my prize!
    Can I take a picture of you to show Santa what I want?
    You look so delicious you must own a restaurant!
    Look at you with all those curves and me with no brakes,
    I’ve gotta ask do you want some fries with those shakes.
    Roses are red and violets are blue,
    Be my Cinderella, because the shoe fits you.
    I must be dead, cuz I see an angel right now,
    You’re so gorgeous you should take a bow.
    Oops, I lost my phone number, could I have yours?
    So you’re the reason for all of those wars!
    Apart from being beautiful, what do you do for a living?
    Would you like to be a queen, so I can be your king?
    I was taught to pursue my dreams, so I’m gonna chase you, okay?
    Your feet must hurt from running around in my mind all day.
    I’m sorry I forgot all these pick-up lines when we first met,
    But if you’ll recall that’s cuz of all my drool and sweat!
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Romantic Love Poems for Her

  • I’ll bring you sunshine, I’ll comfort your fears,
    I’ll create for you rainbows, and wipe away your tears.
    I’ll keep your days bright, I’ll always be by your side,
    I’ll push away the clouds, and inside me you can hide.
    I’ll always have your back, I’ll support you till the end,
    I’ll protect you with all my might, and be your best friend.
    I’ll devote myself fully, I’ll only have eyes for you,
    I’ll build you all your dreams, and make them all come true.
    I’ll worship you as royalty, I’ll cherish you with all my heart,
    I’ll be your shield from evil, and never shall we be apart.
    I’ll come running when you call, I’ll bring you up when you feel down,
    I’ll let you tightly squeeze my hand, and give you my smile when you frown.
    I’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth, I’ll travel through life with you,
    I’ll stay for all the ups and downs, and love you no matter what you do.
    I’ll be the man that you need, I’ll never stop showing you I care,
    I’ll love you til the end of time, and be the answer to your prayer.
  • If my love were an ocean,
    You would see no more land.
    If my love were the desert,
    There would be only sand.
    If my love were the sun,
    You would see only light.
    And if my love were two wings,
    The whole Earth would take flight.
  • Kiss me, won’t you kiss me,
    Under the deep blue night,
    Make it long, make it last,
    Make it so right.
    Embrace me, won’t you embrace me,
    Deep in the moonlight,
    Make it strong, make it warm,
    Make it so tight.
    Stay with me in this moment here,
    Please don’t ever leave me,
    Your the only girl I’ll ever want,
    Yours, I shall eternally be.
  • It feels so wonderful being loved by you,
    You give me more joy and happiness than I ever knew.
    I live for your laughter and my heart celebrates when you smile,
    You fill me with good thoughts, especially you walking down the aisle.
    How did I ever become so lucky? I must have done some great things.
    To be blessed with an angel who shares with me her wings.
    The way that you move is unlike anyone I know,
    You hypnotize me deeply with your delicate flow.
    Those pretty little ears, your captivating eyes,
    I get lost inside you and time quickly flies.
    The touch of your skin so tender and sweet,
    Makes me crave for the moment when our lips will meet.
    And when you’re not with me, when we are apart,
    It feels like something’s missing in the center of my heart.
    So be with me forever, eternally by my side,
    Be my partner always and make our lives beautified.
    All that I wish and hope for in this life,
    Is for a hundred years to have you as my wife.
  • In the middle of the night,
    When I feel your arm reach for me,
    I know I am the luckiest man,
    And I feel completely free.
    When I open my eyes in the morning,
    And see your peaceful face,
    I am reminded of your beauty,
    And my heart begins to race.
    When you take my hand in yours,
    As we walk down the street,
    I still get goosebumps,
    For your touch is so very sweet.
    When I come home to you,
    At the end of the day,
    I am exactly where I want to be,
    Forever with you I will stay.
    And when we lay down,
    To rest for the night,
    I gaze at you in wonder,
    And everything feels just right.
    I will see you in my dreams,
    And I get to be yours in the day too,
    You’ve made my life magical,
    My life is perfect because I have you.
  • Sometimes in this lifetime,
    We meet a special soul,
    A soul that fits just perfect,
    And makes us finally whole.
    Something feels a bit different,
    From all the other spirits we greet,
    And we discover that all along,
    We were destined to meet.
    Our two souls begin to interact,
    We intoxicate each other like wine,
    Profound and wonderful things happen,
    And we realize our connection is divine.
    Now we are intertwined for all eternity,
    We two have now become one,
    Life has taken on a whole new meaning,
    It is the start of magical fun.
    We shall now go on a journey,
    That only the two of us shall know,
    And be together for all eternity,
    As our love forever shall grow.
  • I was battered by the storms of life, until you came along,
    You mended my soul and repaired my heart, again I could be strong.
    Like a shade-giving tree in a thirsty land, you protected me,
    You became the key to my old prison bars, finally setting me free.
    I had to blink my eyes and pinch myself just to be sure,
    You were my first sunshine for years, you were my disease’s cure.
    Before you I was sure that life was very bitter and hard,
    For so long I had known only pain, I was so deeply scarred.
    Tossed about on the waves of the violent ocean of life,
    You flung open the gates and set me free from all strife.
    No longer did I have to float all alone, adrift deep at sea,
    You saved me from the misery, from which I perpetually tried to flee.
    Never did I imagine that it could all vanish so instantly,
    Never before did I dream that one person could shine so brilliantly.
    So bright you shone into my life, banishing away all the darkness,
    Your love radiating so strongly, and chasing out all the heartless.
    You found me on the ground a broken soul and decided to give me back life,
    And now that I am healed and whole again, I want to ask you to be my wife.
  • Love is fresh like dewdrops on rose petals on a misty morning.
    It is crisp and sharp like green blades of grass in a sunny meadow.
    Love is a bird’s song early in the morning, breaking the silence of night.
    It is the ocean breeze, healing and nurturing as it caresses my face.
    Love is abundant like the needles on a pine tree, always there, always numerous.
    Your love is so pure and fresh, it wakes me up in a way I never before knew.
    I feel heightened awareness, sensing in a new way, the world around me.
    Colors are more vibrant, sounds more pleasant and all makes me smile.
    The love you injected into my heart pumps deeply through my veins,
    And heals every sad cell, rejuvenates the life in my body.
    You have set me free with your love.
    And I will spend my life doing the same for you.
  • I love you to the moon and back,
    I love you as the stars in the sky.
    I love you like the drops of rain in the sea.
    I love you as the blue of the sky,
    I love you like the blades of grass.
    I love you as the heat from the sun,
    I love you like the breaths of all beings.
    I love you as the words in all the books,
    I love you like the cells in your body.
    I love you as the minutes in a millennium,
    I love you like grains of sand in the desert,
    I love you as if infinity multiplied itself.
    I love you more than words or numbers can express.
    I love you with all of my heart.
  • I miss you so deeply,
    I crave for your touch,
    How could somebody,
    Love another so very much?
    You are all that I think about,
    When you’re not here with me,
    And the moment that we’re reunited,
    I feel my soul set free.
    Without you I am distraught,
    In search of air to breathe,
    I’m like a fish out of water,
    A pain only you can ease.
    Yet I’d gladly be this way,
    If it means I’ll see you once more,
    For you are the light of my life,
    The one and only that I adore.
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Long Love Poems for Her


  • I never imagined that one sould could turn me so upside down.
    I get tongue-tied and tickled as you approach me.
    You move so delicately, floating like a cloud,
    I watch in awe, wondering if you are a dream.
    You reach out your hand, and it touches my skin,
    Chills radiate from your touch,
    And fill every inch of my body.
    You come in close and embrace me with passion,
    I can scarcely believe that I am the one you choose.
    Who am I to get the world’s greatest partner?
    Who am I to be rewarded so highly?
    Holding you close, all troubles melt away.
    You give me such joy and my heart celebrates.
    Yet my brain struggles to comprehend,
    How could you be real, so perfect, so angelic?
    As I feel your breath softly on the back of my neck,
    A smile spreads across my face, for I cannot resist.
    Your breath is your life, your soul,
    It is what keeps you alive, that which I most adore.
    I get lost in your eyes, gazing so deep,
    It’s an endless fascinating maze that I gladly wander through.
    And as you come closer and pull me in for a kiss,
    My heart starts beating quicker,
    And my cells seem to vibrate excitedly.
    Something inside me dances and I sing internally.
    And as our lips meet, something magical happens,
    Time stands still and I am completely alive.
    I know only that moment, that experience,
    It is only the feeling of your touch,
    And the connection of our two souls that I know.
    The world around me melts away,
    It vanishes in the wind,
    Dissolves as a drop of water in the ocean.
    And for a moment, I am brilliantly alive,
    Fires blazing in my soul.
    So, this is life, this is what it’s all about.
    You remove the veil of life around me,
    And let me see why I am here.
    For you, only for you,
    I know not where I’ll end up,
    But I know where I must be.
    I was always destined for you,
    You were designed to fit me ideal.
    And through all the turbulence of life,
    We will forever return to our kiss,
    And for a few fleeting moments,
    We will enjoy that we can make, for each other,
    Complete perfection and joy.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    You are amazing, and I love you.
    Never before have I seen such a beauty,
    Loving you deeply shall forever be my duty.
    The Earth and Sun may vanish from sight,
    But nothing shall stop me from holding you tight.
    I will forever chase and pursue you, my dear,
    And I shall seek to make it so you have nothing to fear.
    I will protect you from the storms of life,
    I will shelter you and keep you safe from strife.
    I shall lovingly tease you just to make you smile,
    And whenever you need it, I will go the extra mile.
    Making you laugh will be my goal every day,
    And no matter the trouble, I will always find a way.
    For you are my angel and I wish to bring you cheer,
    I just seek your happiness and to keep you so near.
    And never will I fail you, never shall I fall,
    For you are my support, my everything, my all.
    With you I am unstoppable, confident and strong,
    In my arms, holding you, is where you belong.
    So fear not the worries and threats of this world,
    For I am your man and you are my girl.
    When you are weak I’ll be the strength that you need,
    I’ll be your eyes and I’ll take the lead.
    I shall hold your hand and show you the way,
    I will always find just the right words to say.
    Never will you wander or travel alone,
    I will always go ahead of you deep in the unknown.
    And as the shadows hover over us deep in the night,
    I will make sure you see nothing but the brightest light.
    You shall be cherished and treasured throughout all of your life,
    Forever and always I will serve you, my wife.
  • How is it that one person could own my heart?
    You have become its master and I will never escape.
    Nor would I want to.
    Being captive to you is greater than any freedom.
    I gladly surrender my soul to merge with yours,
    And allow my life to be intertwined so completely with you.
    It is scary, yet the excitement and joy are much greater.
    For a moment, I imagine how losing you would be,
    Such an impossible and unbearable thought.
    I cannot dwell on it and immediately cast it aside.
    The scariest thing in my world is losing you,
    For you are my world, and losing you would be losing my everything.
    Yet, as inevitable and terrifying as this is,
    It is all worth it to be loved by you.
    We walk this scary path of life together,
    For it would be full of risk in any case.
    But as the shadows loom over us,
    I can forget them for a time,
    Because I get lost in your love.
    Holding your hand,
    Kissing your forehead,
    Watching you move like a delicate wave,
    My heart rejoicing when you laugh.
    It is all worth it, it is all so grand.
    If I am going to walk the road of life,
    Which will eventually end,
    Why not walk it with the most magical person?
    You bring me joy so immense, I can barely utter a word.
    Your lips are like nectar to me,
    Your kiss energizes my soul.
    I get a rush like no other when you touch my cheek,
    And I cannot resist reaching for you and pulling you close.
    Life is such an adventure, one way or the other,
    But with you, it is an adventure I want to go on.
    There is nobody I would rather have by my side,
    Than you, my darling angel, you are the light of my life.
  • The earth and the sky and all that is,
    Will never quite match the rose that is in my heart.
    There is a flower that now grows within my soul,
    And it has blossomed so brightly, so full of love.
    That flower is you, my wonderful angel.
    So, come live with me and let’s spend all of our days,
    Chasing together life’s little pleasures.
    Let’s walk hand in hand through the garden of love.
    Stroll with me through the joyous meadows of life.
    Let’s go down into the valleys and climb up the steepest mountains.
    Rolling together so playfully in the grass,
    I will kiss you so sweetly and hold you tight to my chest.
    Your gestures, your smile and all the movement of your body,
    Your eyes, your wit, your mind all tickles my spirit.
    I carry your heart with me, so deep inside forever,
    Anywhere I go, you will go too, and whatever I do is all for you.
    Drink me up, with your thirsty eyes,
    And kiss me deeply like a glass of wine.
    If I had a flower for every time I longed for you,
    I would be able to eternally walk in my garden.
    But so grateful am I right now that I do not need to long,
    For I can reach out and touch you, and my craving is electrified.
    You walk in such beauty, like the stars gliding across the night sky.
    Your voice moves me and brings me tears of joy, a sound I’ve never before known.
    You shine brilliantly like the sun, streaking by on a chariot of gold.
    Angels congregate around you, so that they can reflect your glory.
    This feeling of you is so incredible, I want it to hold me captive eternally.
    I wouldn’t give you up, not even for a new and improved garden of Eden.
    So many men must have loved you in so many of your magical moments,
    For you are dazzling…hypnotizing…mesmerizing.
    Our true love burns like a raging flame of fire.
    Unquenchable and unstoppable, never to be extinguished, forever to grow.
    I love you, my dear, like a deaf man suddenly hearing the sound of a harp,
    And I need you like a man coming up from the ocean for air after many minutes below.
    I no longer need to count my sad and lonely tears,
    No more do I need to mourn the losses of the past.
    For all is now bright and pure, for you are the center of my world.
    My love for you is like a mighty river, a never-ending source,
    An out-pouring torrent of emotion, extending from the depths of the universe itself.
    Never have I seen such a face, I can never return to the world I knew before you.
    You have shifted my universe and turned it all around, and now it is you that I breathe.
    You are the blood that pumps through my veins, you are the very beating of my heart.
    While around us crashes the violent storms of life, we exist in a bubble of everlasting calmness.
    Gazing into each other’s eyes the world around us melts away, fading like grains of sand through fingertips.
    Together we will live in magic moment upon magic moment, perpetual fascination and eternal love.
    And I gladly surrender myself, so completely to become one with you.
    Forever and always, we shall belong to each other.
    And when heaven and earth pass away, our love will continue to echo through the caverns of space and time.
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