Enjoy our huge collection of cute love poems for him or her!  Sometimes we just want to be cute (or cutesy!) and sweet with our partner, and cute poems about love can help us to do that.  Cute love poems can help you to share your feelings with your lover and also make them say, “Aww, you’re so cute!”  So, if you are looking for cute love poems for your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, then enjoy these and we hope you find the perfect one to express exactly what is in your heart.  Here you will find 1) cute love poems for her, 2) cute love poems for him and 3) cute short love poems for both him or her.  Enjoy and share the love!


Cute Love Poems for Her

This first collection of cute love poems for her will help you to melt her heart and tell you “aw you’re so cute and sweet!” These cute short love poems for her are easy to remember and short enough to write in a card or even a text message. And if you are brave enough to recite these sweet poems for her then there’s no stopping you!

  • To say I love you,
    Takes a few seconds to say,
    But to explain that feeling,
    I’ll need a whole day.
    And to show it to you,
    Will take my whole life,
    And that is the reason,
    I want you as my wife.
  • You’re my angel, my queen, my pumpkin, my heart,
    My rose, my daisy, let’s never be apart.
    You’re my world, my life, my peach, my doll,
    My snuggles, my honey, I love you above all.
    You’re my cutie, my lamb, my babe, my gumdrop,
    My joy, my cupcake, Ok, I know this is cheesy…I’ll stop!

cute love poems for her

  • You are like fine chocolate,
    Sweet and irresistible.
    Your eyes are like stardust,
    Alluring and mystical.
    Your touch makes me shiver,
    And anticipate with delight,
    Pulling you close to me,
    And holding you so tight.
    Your scent makes me go crazy,
    Like a magic love potion.
    You hypnotize me when you move,
    Like a rainbow in motion.
    Never have I seen before,
    A woman as stunning as you.
    I stare and gaze and drop my jaw,
    Cuz that’s all that I can do.

  • You are my sweetheart, my girl lollipop,
    You are my angel, my heart beats nonstop.
    You are sweeter than honey, you make my world so sunny.
    You’re yummier than candy, with you I feel so dandy.
    You shower me in giggles, and give me the love wiggles.
    You are such a cutie, I’ve never seen such beauty.
    You make my heart completely melt, such a feeling I’ve never felt.
    Your snuggles are a great delight, and cuddles with you just feel so right.
    Adorable is your middle name, forgive me that this poem is lame!
  • My beautiful angel, I love you so much,
    You’re the joy and light of my life.
    Please do me one favor, please grant me one wish,
    And promise be my wife.
  • You ask me how much I love you,
    How deeply I feel for you,
    And I struggle to find the words,
    That can capture what is true.
    I try and struggle to express my love,
    But I know it’s all in vain.
    For words have yet to be created,
    That can truly help me explain.
    So I hope you’ll look instead,
    Through my eyes into my soul,
    And feel the magic deep within,
    That makes me feel so whole.


  • How I need you my dear love!
    You clearly come from up above.
    An angel sent down just for me,
    To love and cherish eternally.
    Your skin, your lips, your hair, so fine,
    I can’t believe such a beauty is mine.
    Your heart, your soul, your mind, so great,
    All make my spirit celebrate.
    I will forever pledge to you,
    To be the man whose heart is true,
    Devoted and loyal for ever more,
    To see only you as the one I adore.
    I give my heart for you to hold,
    From now until we grow so old.
    And always will you find me there,
    Holding your hand with love and care.
    Until the day we are forced apart,
    I promise, my angel, you own my heart.
  • I love that you are giving, but that’s not why I love you.
    I love that you are beautiful, but that’s not the reason I stare at you.
    I love that you take care of me, but that’s not my I am loyal to you.
    I love that you make me smile, but that’s not why I want to be with you.
    I love how incredibly sexy you are, but that’s not why I want to kiss you.
    I love how creative and intelligent you are, but that’s not why I am amazed by you.
    I love you for all these reasons put together,
    But the reason I love you, stare at you, am loyal to you, want to be with you, kiss you and am amazed by you, is simple:
    I love you for the person you are.
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Cute Love Poems for Him

Prepare to melt his heart with these really cute love poems for him. Who doesn’t want to be a little cutesy now and then? These cute I love you poems for him are the perfect way to show him how much you care about him. We recommend taking your time and reading over each poem, and choosing some sweet poems for him that really speak to you, poems that put words to what you already feel deep inside.

  • I tried the best I could,
    To write cute love poems for you.
    I even did my utmost,
    To rhyme the poems too.
    But the words just would not come,
    And so instead I’ll simply say,
    You’re my inspiration and I promise,
    I’ll give you love poems someday!
  • I am so grateful,
    That you are my man,
    I worship and love you,
    I’m your greatest fan.
    You’ve made me so happy,
    I’m giddy with delight,
    Stay with me forever,
    And I’ll hold you so tight.
  • I’m going to try to create for you,
    A poem that’s cute and corny too.
    I will use words like cutesy and tee-hee,
    Forgive me if I get all giggly.
    I’ll try not to be too cheesy and lame,
    And of course I’ll compare love to a flame.
    I will say how you make my heart skip a beat,
    And will probably talk about things that are sweet.
    I may use words like melt, cherish and soul mate,
    And certainly I need to mention that you’re my fate.
    So forgive me right now if this poem is dramatic,
    But that’s what happens when your partner is your fanatic!


  • Thinking of you feels like heaven,
    Your love is everything to me.
    You touch my soul with your heart,
    And set my spirit free.
    You make me want to laugh and play,
    And want to dance and sing all day.
    You give me courage and make me fly,
    You grant me tears of joy to cry.
    With you I always feel respected,
    And I know I’ll always be protected.
    When you kiss and hold me tight,
    My worries and fears vanish in the night.
    Thank you for making my dreams come true,
    Forever and always, I choose to be with you.

cute love poems for him

  • I miss you so greatly,
    When you are not with me.
    I’m so alone without you,
    Like a ship lost at sea.
    And if I called out to you now,
    Would you rush to find me,
    And wrap me tightly in your arms,
    Setting me so free?
    Would you kiss my forehead,
    And brush away my hair,
    And tell me that you love me,
    Showing me you care?
    My sweetheart, I need you,
    I long for you tonight,
    Being here without you,
    Just simply doesn’t feel right.
    And even though I know,
    That you’re not beside me now,
    I will wait for you always,
    And promise to bear it somehow.
    For in the end it’s worth it,
    Because the next time that we meet,
    All my pain will vanish,
    And again I’ll be complete.
  • I can’t wait to spend my life with you,
    You are the reason for everything I do.
    You make me smile and laugh and sing,
    You are the joy of my life, my world, my everything.
    The way you move, the way you talk,
    How you dance and how you walk.
    I never imagined such an amazing man,
    I will care for you and do all I can,
    To make you happy, to give you love,
    You are my angel, sent from above.
  • You are the Adam to my Eve,
    The Romeo to my Juliet.
    You are the Lancelot to my Guinevere,
    The Ricky Ricardo to my Lucille Ball.
    You are the John Smith to my Pocahontas,
    The Pierre to my Marie Curie.
    You are the Brad to my Angelina,
    The Tarzan to my Jane.
    And just in case you don’t know,
    They’re all lovers, you’re my king and I’m your queen!
  • Your touch gives me shivers,
    Your smile makes me shine,
    Your breath makes me quiver,
    You love is my sunshine.
    Your lips are so sweet,
    You arms so very strong,
    When you wrap them around me,
    I know where I belong.
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Cute Short Love Poems for Her or Him

If you are looking for some cute short love poems, then the collection below is for you. Whether you’re looking for cute love poems for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, you’ll find just the right ones here.

  • If I could take a bit of sugar,
    and mix it with some honey,
    and coat it in chocolate,
    and shape it like a bunny,
    then spread on top some frosting,
    and add some gum drops too,
    then, sweetheart, you’d have some idea,
    of how cute and sweet are you!
  • I stole your heart and you stole mine,
    Now isn’t that just the perfect crime?
  • It’s no wonder you’re in such great shape,
    You’ve been running around in my mind all day!
    It’s no wonder that you know CPR,
    Because you take everyone’s breath away!
    It’s no wonder that you’re always so tired,
    For you spend your nights in my dreams!
    It’s no wonder you’re so cute and bright,
    Cuz you’re made of rainbows and sunbeams!
  • A kiss is just a kiss, until you share it with the one you love,
    A hug is just a hug, until you find the one you’ve been thinking of.
    A dream is just a dream, until it becomes true,
    Love was just a word, until the day I met you.
  • You and I are like a see-saw,
    Without you I am down,
    And the moment you come back to me,
    A smile steals my frown!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    I don’t care about flowers, as long as I have you.
  • I wrote your name up high in the sky,
    But the wind came along and blew it away.
    Then I wrote your name many times in the sand,
    But the waves came in and washed it all out.
    So, I wrote your name deep down in my heart,
    And forever and always there it will stay.
  • I used to think baby pandas were cute,
    and then I saw you my dear,
    and now I know what true cuteness is,
    for you’re cuter than a baby bug’s ear.
  • I try to tell you how I feel,
    But my words just can’t express,
    How deep and real my love is for you,
    You are the heartbeat in my chest.
    I yearn to show you how I worship you,
    My darling wonderful sweetheart,
    But all I can say is you are my life,
    You’re my heaven, my love and my heart.
  • Did you know that you’re incredibly cute?
    And there is no one who can substitute?
    So don’t you worry and don’t you fear,
    Forever and always I shall be near.
  • Do you know magic?
    Cuz when you come near,
    The only thing that’s left,
    Is you and me here.
  • Every day I love you more,
    You will be forever who I adore,
    You are my joy, my treasure, my heart,
    Today, tomorrow, we’ll never be apart.
  • You are cute as a button,
    More adorable than a kitten,
    More lovable than a baby panda,
    I am completely smitten!
    You are cute as a bug’s ear,
    More charming than a puppy’s eyes,
    As lovely as a baby bunny,
    You win the cuteness prize!
  • Each time that I see you, I fall in love all over again.
    Your touch drives me crazy, and my world starts to spin.
    Please have pity on me, for I have no self-control.
    I am at your mercy, for you have claimed my soul.
  • You are my dream, and you know what they say,
    Follow your dreams and never give way.
    I will pursue you and chase you for all of my days,
    Will shadow you and love you, now and always.
    Why would I do anything else with my time?
    Being with you is completely sublime.
    Yes, I’m obsessed, but what do you expect?
    That’s what happens when you love someone perfect!
  • Forgive me, my dear, for I’m about to be cliché,
    But this is a love poem and I know no other way.
    To show you my love I shall do my best to compose,
    Some love poetry for you, okay here it goes!
    Each time I see you, I fall in love all over again,
    I love and cherish you more than you can imagine.
    I long for you like the desert needs the rain,
    Living without you is such torture and pain.
    Now because I’m not poet, no writer, it’s true,
    Just know that I love you and live only for you!
  • Today I woke and wished you were here with me,
    I am empty and incomplete without you.
    My soul is wandering and lost right now,
    Looking for its match, wondering where you are.
    Yet I know that soon I will see you once again,
    And it will be like two puzzle pieces fitting so perfect.
    We were made for each other, designed to be together,
    And when we’re apart then we are merely fragments.
    Yet you return and my soul can sense your approach,
    All is well in my world and universe celebrates.
  • Last night I counted the stars up in the sky,
    And for each and every star I found a reason why,
    That I love you so much, such an enormous amount,
    And then, my love, I ran out of stars to count.
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Cute Poems for Her and Him

All of these cute poems for him and her were uniquely crafted here at wishespoems.com. It is our hope that you will get much enjoyment from these cute poems and that you will be able to use these to help express your feelings to your love. In this collection of sweet poems for her and him, we feel confident that there is at least one that your partner will love.

cute love poems

We really hope you enjoyed these cute love poems and you and your partner enjoyed sharing them and lots of cuddles!  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day of life that we often forget to express how we feel to those we love.  Cute love poems are a great way to connect with your partner and warm their heart.  Sharing cute love poems with each other is a terrific way to keep the spark ignited!

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